Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The house of Baitul Ehsan has 21 kids altogether. 9 girls and 12 boys, where 7 of them are anak miskin and the rest are anak yatim. All are aged between 9-14 years old.

We collected cash from the members of PTSS-the students, the staffs, the lecturers, the cleaners and etc. Alhamdulillah that we manage to collect a big amount of cash and we thankful to God that this time's visit, we need not need to asked for sponsor from others. Meaning our visit this time is not just to fulfill the requirement of our subject (Generic Skills) but it is actually more than that. To me and my team (Exco Hebahan & Multimedia) it is more about our personal contribution to the kids it self and let what people might say about us. I and my team truly hope with our tiny humble effort here, might more or less help these poor kids to live a better life in the future, insyaAllah...

Management office located at the entrance of Baitul Ehsan.

The cafeteria where use to cater the 21 members of the house everyday.

Girl's Dorm

The girl's dorm was found to be quite messy as the kids needs to tidy up the room by themselves regarding to lack of staff in charge for the house.

Surau (Musolla)

The Musolla might look better with the Quranic verses place on the wall and new tabir..


Television is a medium for their entertainment besides a desktop placed in the Library.


Personally we feel that the kids needs more book according to their age (9-14) especially for those who are undertaking exams.


Kompleks Anak Yatim Baitul Ehsan is located in Kampung Perik, Kuala Nerang, Padang Terap, Kedah Darul Aman. Padang Terap is a small town 30-45 minutes away from Alor Setar. We can reach Kampung Perik via Alor Setar with the grand landmark of the newly built Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah Alor Setar. If the hospital is on your right side, then you’re on your way.

That is if you are from Alor Star.

For the DSK students of POLITEKNIK TUANKU SYED SIRAJUDDIN,PTSS, ARAU, PERLIS. It takes us almost 45 minutes to an hour to reach the place by bus. From Arau we heading to Changloon until the junction besides the SMK Hosba, turn left, go straight until you find another junction, take the right side and further up. You will come to a sharp 45deg turn upon entering Kampung Perik’s area, but at that sharp turning, there would be a very noticeable signboard of Kompleks Anak Yatim Baitul Ehsan.